Comprehensive Remodelling of a Family Home

This project was an architectural challenge. Originally built in the early 1980s, it had a detached garage block that was almost as big as the house. This resulted in local people assuming that it was actually two houses. The two separate buildings were confusing and disjointed. We worked in conjunction with a local RIBA member to create an extension to link the two buildings cohesively. We then remodelled the inside and completely changed the exterior. The roof was taken off of the main house and we added an extra floor. This was an extreme and comprehensive makeover.

Prior to the project commencing we worked as interior architects and in addition to design work, we provided the scope of works and builder’s tender documentation.The client had many great ideas of her own, which we developed into practical and effective designs. We were involved in the day to day site management and administration. Due to the location of the house, we had to work closely with the conservation officer and local resident’s association. This was a complicated and difficult build assisted by amazing clients.